Do we have to book the yacht trip in advance?

Yes, it is like being on the safe side. Especially during the summer season. The place witnesses a large number of tourists during the vacation time.

Can we bring our pet dog on the trip?

Yes. We offer complete space for pets to sail with the family.

How many people are allowed on one yacht?

We allow a maximum of twelve people on the yacht at a time.

Is it necessary to hire a guide?

No. It’s not mandatory. You can sail without a guide at your risk.

Do you offer extended stay on the yachts?

No. We don’t have any such offer. The stay is fixed at the time of booking which cannot be extended.

Do you charge yacht rents excluding fuel charges?

No. The fuel charges are included with in the yacht rent.

Can we use a laptop on the yacht?

We allow usage of mobile phones and camera on the yacht.

Are the yachts GPS enabled?

Yes. All the yachts we owe are GPS enabled and have emergency operation button that indicates a problem.

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