Desire houseboats welcome you on board. Experience the oceanic life as you sail through the heart of ocean with us. Our comfortable sailing vessels and luxurious interiors will make you fall in love with the houseboat life. Plan a trip on a houseboat and give us an opportunity to serve you deep inside the ocean. We make sure you enjoy the views of the beautiful sea world that lies beneath the water in Murray River. Our fully-featured yachts aim at providing our customers comfortable sitting experience that let them capture the beauty of the sea and take their water vacations to the new level. We have assisted many people in making their water vacations memorable via our yachts. One of our customers who work in a renowned company which specialises in professional End of lease cleaning in Adelaide always brings his family to visualise the beauty of the blue ocean. We give you reasons to rediscover yourself and spend quality time with your loved one while enjoying the nature around you into the sea.

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Plan Under Water Vacations

Plan Under Water Vacations

Feel the calmness of ocean and unveil the life of aquatic species in Murray River, South Australia. Join holiday madness with Desire houseboats and relax. Houseboat holidays are different from regular ones as these vacations bring you close to nature.

Refresh Childhood Memories

Refresh Childhood Memories

Relive your childhood with the most luxurious and modern yachts with Desire Houseboats here in Australia. Beat the heat cool drinks on the yachts. Get hands on Barbecue cooking as our houseboats offer BBQ cooking station. Stare back at the sun through tan-window panes and feel good.

Be Unreachable and Refresh

Be Unreachable and Refresh

Our spacious and stylish houseboats are perfect for family and friends. Enliven the moments of togetherness in nature’s lap. Also, witness the mystic beauty of mountains and oceans with us. In words of our prestigious client, Brian ( owner of cleaning company providing best vacate cleaning Perth ), "Desire Houseboats offers you a chance to become undiscoverable with a journey through the ocean to hearts."

Ocean Exploration

Introduce yourself to the marine animals and witness sea beauty.



killer fishing & resorts

View the Stunning Beauty of Hills and Shore from the Middle of the Ocean.

Stylish And Secure

Desire Houseboats ensures the safety and enjoyment of the guests while sailing. We have designer & comfortable interior setting to give you the maximum comfort so that you can enjoy your outing. Our houseboats are renovated from time to time and interiors redone time and again to suit the requirements of our customers. Our list of patrons include the best in the business in Australia, be it the leading PR agaency or the best removalists Adelaide, we have them all onboard. We invite you to enjoy your stay in the stylish yachts with us.


  • Honeymoon Houseboat
    Honeymoon Houseboat

    The romantic interiors of the yacht will make the just married couple forget the world. The fragrance of fresh flowers and the aromatic candles in yacht create the romantic atmosphere.

  • Golden Houseboat
    Golden Houseboat

    Experience cruise vacation with the entire family and cherish happy moments forever. The family that enjoys together stays together. Thus, take time from your busy life and be with your family.

  • Ultimate Houseboat
    Ultimate Houseboat

    Book the yacht now if you are a nature lover. Get sunglasses, camera and a map with you on this houseboat and explore the valley of nature with Desire Houseboats.

  • product3
    Platinum Houseboat

    The couples must take a yacht ride and celebrate their journey of togetherness in style. Get your kids along and sail through the picturesque beauty of nature.

High-End Vacation

Get on the yacht with your gadgets and experience
the cool breeze while staying connected to the world.

Houseboat Trivia

Lifestyle To Moneymaking

The boats were transformed into house where people use to stay with their family. The fishermen lifestyle turned into houseboat business in many countries due to their tourism. When it comes to money making opportunities, there are different types and sizes of businesses for sale in Adelaide, South Australia, including the houseboat business.

Houseboat Experience

Find a spacious commercial real estate in Adelaide, South Australia and start your own houseboat business. This is one of the best business opportunities in this particular region.

Stylish Interiors

The houseboats have developed since its inception. Today, the houseboats are fitted with modern and luxurious fittings. The stylish interiors of the place makes them a must try.

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Witness Waterwaves Across The Sea

Capture the beauty of sea and water in
the camera as you cut into the world of water.




We offer complete fishing equipment to make your fishing experience awesome. Get the additional safety gear with you to avoid any mishap during the activity.

Whale Watching

Whale Watching

Get the glimpse of the most beautiful fish from close. As we plan the yacht tour through the area where dolphins are found in abundance.



Clutch the small boat with yacht and get sliding over the sea waves. Enjoy the watery experience of rolling on the ocean and cherish it for a long time.